Ray-Art Studios

                    Ray-Art Studios logo (from original website)

                    Dates: 1997 – 2003

                    Former address: 6625 Variel Avenue, Canoga Park, Los Angeles
                    This studio has now been demolished. 

                    Originally built by Rockwell North American Aviation in the 1960s, the plant was then bought by shampoo manufacturers Redken. After some damage in the 1994 earthquake, the potential of the 189,000 sq.ft. facility for TV/film production was spotted by producers Bob Papazian and James Hirsch. After a short period as an indoor baseball training facility, Ray-Art Studios were born in 1997.

                    1997 – Ray-Art Studios opened, with four sound stages and 90,000 sq.ft. office space.

                    1998 – A loan was provided to retrofit the studio buildings to make them more Earthquake-resistant, following the Northridge Earthquake. LA Times Article

                    Aerial photo of Ray-Art Studios in 2003

                    2000 – As part of a $10-million expansion, Ray-Art Studios opened a sixth sound stage, on what was a parking lot behind the Variel Avenue studio, just north of Warner Center (seen bottom right of aerial photo, right).

                    April 2000: Website www.rayartstudios.com created.

                    January 2001Air Hollywood is launched as a joint venture with Ray-Art Studios, to offer a 28,000 sq.ft. facility with standing sets of an airport terminal, security gates, ticketing and concourse areas, and jets and helicopters. The location of this facility is 13240 Weidner Street, Pacoima, Los Angeles.

                    August 2001 – The 8,000 sq.ft. floating backlot that was home to Nash Bridges before it was cancelled by CBS was relocated temporarily from San Francisco Pier 39 to Long Beach, and became part of Ray-Art Studios. [Article 1] [Article 2]

                    2003 – Ray Art Studios is sold by James Hirsch and Bob Papazian.

                    2004-2006 – The studio buildings are demolished and the site is cleared, as a new block of residences is constructed, complete with large central swimming pool.

                    Aerial photo of the cleared site in 2004

                    June 2006: The domain name www.rayartstudios.com expired and has not been renewed.

                    2007 – The facility has been completely demolished and is now residential. No evidence of the studio remains.

                    Former studio site, now residential blocks (2009)

                    Productions shot at Ray-Art Studios

                    TV Series (5)

                    Love Boat: The Next Wave1998-1999Jeraldine SaundersIMDB Database page about Love Boat: The Next Wave
                    Charmed1998 - 2006Constance M. BurgeIMDB Database page about Charmed
                    Seasons 1 - 6 were shot at Ray-Art Studios but production had to move when the studio was sold.
                    413 Hope Street1997-1998Damon Wayans, Janine Sherman BarroisIMDB Database page about 413 Hope Street
                    Nothing Sacred1997David MansonIMDB Database page about Nothing Sacred
                    Nash Bridges1996-2001Carlton CuseIMDB Database page about Nash Bridges
                    Floating backlot at Ray-Art Studios home to this show between 1997 and 2001