Atlas Corporation Studios, Morocco

                    Location: Atlas Film Studios is located 5km (3 miles) from Ouarzazate and 8km (5 miles) from the airport on the road to Marrakech. A yellow bus shuttles between the studio and Ouarzazate’s main street, Avenue Mohammed V.

                    Purportedly the world’s largest film studios, this 30,000 sq meter desert film studio is open to visitors when there’s no production on that day. Although it’s not a visitor attraction in the Universal Studios sense, it’s an authentic experience where visitors can tour the decaying sets in the desert environment.

                    1962 – Ouarzazate was first used as a movie location by acclaimed British director David Lean for his epic Lawrence of Arabia. Familiar with the area, Lean knew that the site could provide an authentic setting for any ancient, desert-based story. 

                    1983 – Atlas Film Studios built, when Moroccan entrepreneur Mohamed Belghmi recognised the need for a permanent studio in the area. 

                    Over the years, Ouarzazate has served as a shooting location for Alexander the Great, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, Babel, The Mummy (1999), Star Wars (1977), The Living Daylights (1987), Martin Scorsese’s Kundun (1997) and many others, including Ridley Scott’s epic Gladiator (2000) and Body of Lies (2008). 

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                    Productions shot at Atlas Corporation Studios, Morocco

                    Feature Film (13)

                    Babel2006Alejandro Gonz?lez I??rrituIMDB Database page about Babel
                    The Nativity Story2006Catherine HardwickeIMDB Database page about The Nativity Story
                    Kingdom of Heaven2005Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Kingdom of Heaven
                    Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra2002Alain ChabatIMDB Database page about Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra
                    Black Hawk Down2001Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Black Hawk Down
                    Gladiator2000Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Gladiator
                    Rules of Engagement2000William FriedkinIMDB Database page about Rules of Engagement
                    Kundun1997Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about Kundun
                    The Last Temptation of Christ1988Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about The Last Temptation of Christ
                    The Living Daylights1987John GlenIMDB Database page about The Living Daylights
                    The Jewel of the Nile1985Lewis TeagueIMDB Database page about The Jewel of the Nile
                    The Man Who Would Be King1975John HustonIMDB Database page about The Man Who Would Be King
                    Lawrence of Arabia1962David LeanIMDB Database page about Lawrence of Arabia

                    TV Series (1)

                    Game of Thrones2011VariousIMDB Database page about Game of Thrones